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safe1754504 artist:rupertbluefox184 applejack173587 fluttershy217609 pinkie pie220532 rainbow dash238956 rarity185948 starlight glimmer49878 twilight sparkle306621 alicorn233514 pony1014104 unicorn343873 series:30 dayz of pinks33 alcohol7493 cider2598 cider mug165 cutie mark49895 drunk4994 drunk aj321 drunk rarity189 drunk twilight300 drunker dash405 drunkershy212 drunkie pie288 drunklight glimmer47 eyes closed98504 female1405231 floppy ears54742 glowing horn20619 hoof hold8658 hooves18307 horn78253 levitation12603 lying down19875 magic75563 mane six32637 mare503819 mug4424 on back25107 open mouth155213 prone26413 sitting65734 smiling262271 stool1745 tankard292 telekinesis28809 tongue out108600 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126362


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With applejack having enough apple cider on hand to get the mane six including starlight glimmer drunk when those wonder if pinkie pie was that drunk she had derpy hoove’s looks when those wonder where flutter-shy had one of her front hooves.