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yoditax‘s Jellybean doesn’t understand that Berry is not hungry for the mothe
safe (1431445)artist:whisperfoot (517)oc (526340)oc:berry frost (130)oc:jellybean (37)oc only (364759)bat pony (35927)earth pony (148921)insect (731)moth (296)pony (700037)bat noises (6)bat pony oc (10152)bat wings (2780)behaving like a bat (61)blushing (154165)chest fluff (25852)descriptive noise (1216)dialogue (50763)disgusted (924)eeee (447)female (762050)male (258683)mare (336475)moth noises (18)oblivious (324)ponies eating meat (719)skree (112)stallion (73213)text (40728)unshorn fetlocks (18651)


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