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explicit392934 artist:twistedscarlett601177 starlight glimmer53071 twilight sparkle322073 alicorn256703 unicorn401709 anthro295653 alternate hairstyle31521 anus110202 ass60824 blushing224209 both cutie marks11854 breasts319059 butt142842 clothes525374 colored pupils11430 creampie35650 cum88349 dialogue74614 dock57548 faceless male5287 female1516758 glazed dick3457 glimmer glutes1852 group sex17491 horsecock80278 lip bite12972 looking at you199262 looking back68062 male427993 mare566475 medial ring8012 nipples195012 nudity423630 offscreen character40277 panties54937 panties around legs2534 panties pulled down4312 penetration68292 penis175393 ponytail21176 rear view15808 sex138844 sideboob11906 stallion134993 straight151455 stupid sexy starlight glimmer614 stupid sexy twilight1201 the ass was fat16896 threesome11797 twibutt6637 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133547 underwear67250 unwanted cumshot392 vaginal45699 vaginal secretion stain809 vaginal secretions44083 vulva148052 wet panties548


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Background Pony #0978
What a dumb question. Two beauts like you and you don’t insist he wears a condom, what do you expect? For him to pull out? Of course he’s going to comr inside of you!
And shush, Glimmy. He’s gonna come inside you next!
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shhhhh, I'm not here
Hell yeah I did, Twiley; your velvety pussy feels so slippery inside, you chenched my throbbing cock nice and hard. How can I not cum inside when you seem to be begging for it?~ >;3
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Artist -

It does, it does. What you’re seeing here is an artist working about 50~ hours a week, I can treat art as my full-time job but only because I’m a student and it’s the Summer Holidays. A lot of artists don’t have that liberty because earning money through free-lance art is extremely difficult.  
However, the Summer Holidays are over for me and unfortunately my art is going to slow down too. :P
Background Pony #C2D7
Yep. And I’d do it again, just as soon as I cum inside you, Starlight. ;)

Edit permission
Hot damn Twilight looks good with that dick in her. Who wouldn’t cum inside an ass that good?
Great work dude. Always looking forward to pics like these.