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Artist's Description

In-stream commission (that I had to outside of stream) for Teward of their character, Alexandrine.
suggestive145332 artist:askbubblelee1499 oc696493 oc only455471 oc:alexandrine19 alicorn228131 anthro264183 alicorn oc27087 anthro oc30315 bed41544 blushing200699 breasts282808 commission70399 female1379777 leonine tail8862 looking back58595 mare490084 nudity375371 pillow18208 prone25898 sideboob10598 solo1076941 solo female181349 ych result21999


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The Darkness
The Darkness -
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Dark Chaos Overlord
Oh, hey, lookit — my alicorn OC, Alexandrine! 128 favorites and 182 likes already, damn! Glad to see everyone appreciates AskBubbleLee's art as much as I do!