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safe1676962 screencap218396 rarity179191 pony939673 unicorn311316 my little pony: the movie18783 animated97149 bags under eyes1932 bone dry desert69 cute195424 desert1520 exhausted459 eyeshadow15058 female1336857 floppy ears50722 gif30110 hair flip (action)20 happy30416 makeup20674 mare466759 messy mane7602 open mouth140190 outdoors9846 raised hoof44235 raribetes5256 smiling240507 solo1044172 standing11725 underhoof50674 wide eyes16817 youtube link4833


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Background Pony #781A
Oh Rarity… you've been my favorite pony since the episode "look Before You Sleep" all the way back in season one. Never change, you melodramatic mare.