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this was an edit i made of >>1480936 way back when the grayscale version came out, i kept it private on PussPuss’s Patreon (Check it out there’s some great stuff there) But seeing as someone has publically released their own version i decided to release mine aswell its slightly different with a darker overall color scheme, ofc the HR version is only available on the patreon https://www.patreon.com/Pusspuss
explicit (264498)artist:pusspuss (469)artist:skittle_cuddler (9)color edit (5791)edit (87263)rainbow dash (193660)oc (486088)oc:anon (10082)anatomically correct (17412)anus (72039)barn (2103)bedroom eyes (41529)begging (685)bit (410)bit gag (965)bondage (25120)bound wings (2681)breeding (483)bridle (2472)clitoris (19254)collar (22654)colored (14219)crotchboobs (15025)dialogue (45136)dock (34529)dripping (3052)dripping from both ends (100)drool (18983)drool string (4198)estrus (1188)female (682282)floppy ears (38288)frog (hoof) (6317)gag (11022)heart clitoris (1467)heart eyes (10383)hitching post (28)horny (553)horseshoes (1728)imminent sex (3680)implied anon (476)implied appledash (171)implied applejack (399)implied lesbian (2215)implied shipping (3068)looking at you (109871)looking back (38127)nipples (106912)nudity (275033)open mouth (95347)patreon (9046)patreon logo (6705)pegasus (164212)plot (60145)ponut (31158)pony (624896)presenting (17941)puckered asshole (2429)rainbutt dash (2110)raised hoof (28964)raised tail (10715)reins (742)saddle (1688)solo (827090)solo female (148270)speech bubble (14610)spread wings (37817)stupid sexy rainbow dash (774)tack (2476)tail (12583)tail aside (597)tail wrap (4663)talking to viewer (1242)teats (5989)this will end in pregnancy (600)tongue out (69583)underhoof (38643)vaginal secretions (30877)vulva (88682)vulvar winking (8281)wingboner (6985)wingding eyes (14210)wings (43761)


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