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this was an edit i made of >>1480936 way back when the grayscale version came out, i kept it private on PussPuss’s Patreon (Check it out there’s some great stuff there) But seeing as someone has publically released their own version i decided to release mine aswell its slightly different with a darker overall color scheme, ofc the HR version is only available on the patreon
explicit388958 artist:pusspuss656 artist:skittle_cuddler12 color edit8081 edit146489 rainbow dash249294 oc776834 oc:anon12441 pegasus355821 pony1204641 anatomically correct27270 anus108868 barn3625 bedroom eyes66904 begging1066 bit555 bit gag1343 bondage37872 bound wings3972 breeding1281 bridle4065 butt135380 clitoris31382 collar37873 colored20989 crotchboobs23690 dashsub782 dialogue73602 dock56810 dripping6334 dripping from both ends143 drool27759 drool string6402 estrus1890 female1500148 femsub12194 floppy ears59184 frog (hoof)15811 gag16337 heart clitoris1716 heart eyes20064 hitching post42 horny1402 horseshoes2430 imminent sex8175 implied anon768 implied appledash298 implied applejack783 implied lesbian3887 implied shipping5706 looking at you196000 looking back66977 nipples192572 nudity419148 open mouth175826 patreon13650 patreon logo9055 plot95063 ponut50182 presenting27209 puckered asshole3172 rainbutt dash4371 raised hoof54348 raised tail18438 reins1080 saddle2318 solo1182021 solo female195419 speech bubble27690 spread wings65318 stupid sexy rainbow dash3376 submissive19995 tack5545 tail48746 tail aside2231 tail wrap7203 talking to viewer3607 teats8638 this will end in pregnancy1803 tongue out118265 underhoof57824 vaginal secretions43689 vulva146046 vulvar winking13597 wingboner8730 wingding eyes26707 wings148606


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Background Pony #C93A
Well, Anon does always go on about how he wants to cum inside Rainbow Dash…
Background Pony #0A8B
Ok, now reread her dialog while keeping in mind that she has a bridle in her mouth.