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this was an edit i made of >>1480936 way back when the grayscale version came out, i kept it private on PussPuss’s Patreon (Check it out there’s some great stuff there) But seeing as someone has publically released their own version i decided to release mine aswell its slightly different with a darker overall color scheme, ofc the HR version is only available on the patreon

explicit445795 artist:pusspuss672 artist:skittle_cuddler12 color edit8759 edit165385 rainbow dash269599 oc901420 oc:anon13543 pegasus457359 pony1446972 anatomically correct32765 anus128586 barn4236 bedroom eyes77657 begging1230 bit603 bit gag1437 bondage44050 bound wings4593 breeding1631 bridle4616 butt212880 clitoris38282 collar45082 colored23816 crotchboobs27933 dashsub881 dialogue87109 dock66661 dripping7514 dripping from both ends172 drool32808 drool string7569 estrus2133 female1708766 femsub13525 floppy ears69050 frog (hoof)18835 gag18954 heart clitoris1912 heart eyes26849 hitching post49 horny1999 horseshoes2810 imminent sex9877 implied anon931 implied appledash338 implied applejack967 implied lesbian4497 implied shipping6719 looking at you239839 looking back80573 nipples227894 nudity483655 open mouth218878 patreon14795 patreon logo9438 plot132239 ponut59634 presenting32132 puckered asshole3319 rainbutt dash5945 raised hoof65251 raised tail23279 reins1189 saddle2566 solo1359382 solo female221547 speech bubble35831 spread wings85557 stupid sexy rainbow dash4392 submissive22218 tack6595 tail83779 tail aside3792 tail wrap8028 talking to viewer5200 teats10309 this will end in pregnancy2367 tongue out138712 underhoof65557 vaginal secretions49908 vulva176257 vulvar winking16496 wingboner9406 wingding eyes35469 wings200489


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Background Pony #C93A
Well, Anon does always go on about how he wants to cum inside Rainbow Dash…
Background Pony #0A8B
Ok, now reread her dialog while keeping in mind that she has a bridle in her mouth.