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I made…. another next gen ahah…..

Flying pony:
Spectrum Whisp: Rainbow Dash x Vapor Trail
Left to right:
Crisp Care: Fluttershy x Flam
Sparkling Cider: Prince Dusk Sparkle (Formerly known as Twilight) x Flim
Beau: Rarity x Zecora
Apple Custard: Applejack x Cherry Jubilee
Cake Pop: Pinkie Pie x Sugar Belle

Base by ShiiBases
Mlp: FiM© Hasbro
safe (1426902)artist:crayoncreates (10)oc (524155)oc:apple custard (2)oc:beau (31)oc:cake pop (18)oc:crisp care (1)oc only (363322)oc:sparkling cider (84)oc:spectrum whisp (1)alicorn (163004)earth pony (147661)hybrid (11778)pegasus (187410)pony (694632)unicorn (202483)zony (578)alicorn oc (17771)interspecies offspring (5279)magical lesbian spawn (8423)offspring (28714)parent:applejack (2740)parent:cherry jubilee (73)parent:flam (48)parent:flim (193)parent:fluttershy (3371)parent:pinkie pie (3098)parent:rainbow dash (4299)parent:rarity (3022)parents:cherryjack (7)parents:flamshy (2)parents:flimsparkle (1)parents:raricora (18)parents:sugarpie (29)parent:sugar belle (249)parents:vapordash (9)parent:twilight sparkle (6184)parent:vapor trail (85)parent:zecora (261)rainbow hair (1341)


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