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Do you know the difference between a pony and a mosquito?
X-ray version: >>1540240
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explicit388732 artist:alcor1131 twilight sparkle319717 oc776380 oc:anon12437 alicorn253164 human180155 pony1203856 comic:display of passion149 balls87489 balls deep1905 big penis13575 bipedal40268 blowjob35005 blushing221500 boop8081 cheek bulge314 cock worship3167 comic117555 crying47483 deepthroat5811 drool27737 estrus1889 eyes closed108893 facefuck2437 female1499453 femsub12179 gagging404 horn98038 horn ring6300 human on pony action11219 human penis12353 interspecies25404 licking22497 licking cock5499 lidded eyes35192 magic suppression4310 male422204 mare556063 moaning7303 nudity418904 onomatopoeia5511 open mouth175603 oral53879 patreon13642 patreon logo9052 penis173282 penis on face1619 precum12208 sex137130 shrunken pupils4155 speech bubble27661 spread wings65122 straight149916 submissive19960 sucking1319 sweat30392 throat bulge3888 tight fit488 tongue out118180 trembling804 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132282 vaginal secretions43671 vaginal secretions puddle474 wingboner8727 wings148244


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You know, either he’ll have to cum NOW (and be fairly low in endurance), or he’ll have to force her off of him, based on how she’d have considerable trouble breathing in this state!
… Though if she IS forced to get pulled off, the sound she makes would be the cock-slurping of ANGELS!!!