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Do you know the difference between a pony and a mosquito?
X-ray version: >>1540240
explicit423340 artist:alcor1181 twilight sparkle335618 oc848353 oc:anon13149 alicorn278617 human208324 pony1346456 comic:display of passion150 balls97101 balls deep2115 big penis15920 bipedal44417 blowjob37916 blushing242318 boop8605 cheek bulge377 cock worship3349 comic125348 crying51066 deepthroat6202 drool30715 estrus2025 eyes closed122800 facefuck2635 female1623945 femsub13030 gagging451 horn120770 horn ring6841 human on pony action11987 human penis13266 interspecies28202 licking24761 licking cock6380 lidded eyes40032 magic suppression4638 male468655 mare629654 moaning8250 nudity459124 onomatopoeia6677 open mouth201887 oral58605 penis190458 penis on face1804 precum13489 sex151155 shrunken pupils4590 speech bubble32968 spread wings77261 straight161606 submissive21418 sucking1438 sweat34339 throat bulge4164 tight fit538 tongue out130656 trembling858 twilight sparkle (alicorn)139695 vaginal secretions47413 vaginal secretions puddle539 wingboner9164 wings179773


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You know, either he’ll have to cum NOW (and be fairly low in endurance), or he’ll have to force her off of him, based on how she’d have considerable trouble breathing in this state!
… Though if she IS forced to get pulled off, the sound she makes would be the cock-slurping of ANGELS!!!