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Do you know the difference between a pony and a mosquito?

X-ray version: >>1540240

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explicit333343 artist:alcor886 twilight sparkle291629 oc642381 oc:anon11317 alicorn210907 human148575 pony904105 comic:display of passion80 balls deep1487 big penis9516 bipedal32498 blowjob30236 blushing186305 boop7056 cheek bulge239 cock worship2742 comic104650 crying41542 deepthroat5053 drool23580 estrus1563 eyes closed86140 facefuck2088 female1304293 femsub10098 gagging310 horn55645 horn ring5284 human on pony action10123 human penis11025 interspecies21680 licking19101 licking cock4386 lidded eyes28888 magic suppression3733 male350781 mare449276 moaning5113 nudity350521 onomatopoeia3764 open mouth133283 oral46315 patreon12131 patreon logo8433 penis144734 precum9923 sex113735 shrunken pupils2845 speech bubble21682 spread wings50762 straight129889 submissive15407 sucking1049 sweat24701 throat bulge3497 tight fit393 tongue out97208 trembling637 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119894 vaginal secretions38135 vaginal secretions puddle395 wingboner7979 wings92809


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You know, either he'll have to cum NOW (and be fairly low in endurance), or he'll have to force her off of him, based on how she'd have considerable trouble breathing in this state!

… Though if she IS forced to get pulled off, the sound she makes would be the cock-slurping of ANGELS!!!