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Color edit of >>1480936.  
Alternate version by Skittle_Cuddler: >>1540505
explicit392934 artist:pusspuss660 color edit8147 edit148148 rainbow dash251175 pegasus364439 pony1224873 anatomically correct27621 anus110202 barn3662 bit555 bit gag1347 bondage38253 bound wings4010 breeding1304 bridle4104 butt142840 clitoris31794 collar38409 colored21174 crotchboobs23965 dark genitals13253 dialogue74614 dock57548 drool28045 estrus1911 female1516748 frog (hoof)16029 gag16450 heart clitoris1724 heart eyes20692 hitching post42 horseshoes2443 imminent sex8315 implied anon788 mare566466 nipples195012 nudity423630 offscreen character40277 patreon13751 patreon logo9088 plot99822 ponut50821 presenting27515 rainbond dash473 rainbutt dash4502 raised hoof55396 raised tail18766 reins1083 solo1195404 solo female197152 speech bubble28272 tack5628 tail51493 tail wrap7252 teats8703 this will end in pregnancy1835 tongue out119823 underhoof58322 vaginal secretions44083 vulva148052 vulvar winking13779 wingding eyes27444


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Background Pony #DF6B
Meanwhile anon has the slightest of scientific literacy and knows that breeding is impossible between human and equine, subsequently exploiting Rainbow Dash’s ignorance of this fact to keep ‘trying’ on a daily basis.
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Ok, now reread her dialog while keeping in mind that she has a bridle in her mouth.
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Dash Lover
Sadly i made one before this but it was exclusive to pusspuss’s patreon, it just has darker colors and the lead was black with silver clasps and buckles.