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artist needed (23054)safe (1426174)edit (97753)applejack (147492)pinkie pie (188677)earth pony (147537)pony (694245)angry (19935)animated (84570)bigotjack (27)blue eyes (2929)car (4540)comic (89283)cringing (191)dafuq (47)dialogue (50508)driving (606)duo (39041)eyeroll (466)female (757875)frown (19552)gif (23897)glare (7558)green eyes (2697)gritted teeth (9117)hat (64543)nigger (14)niggers (4)op is a duck (3781)op is trying to start shit (2527)racial slur (109)racism (818)text (40431)uncomfortable (210)vulgar (17966)we are going to hell (614)ziggers (52)


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Background Pony #D4D5
Zibber would be the perfect analog. But zigger is more obvious, and it preserves more of the inflammatory quality of the human word.
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Lost Marbles
Speaking Fancy
Birthday Cake - Celebrated MLP's 7th birthday

The colt from Manetucket
Is this supposed to be "Z"iggers as in "zebra"? That’s why the ’N’ rotates?

Also would be pretty funny if it was "peggers"

(Fluttershy): Um, that’s our word.

(Cadance): Yo yo yo, who’s talking syayt?

(Fluttershy): Oh, no, she said PEG gers
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The End wasn't The End - For those that found a new home

Pinkie’s face is always perfect in this. She’s like a beleaguered friend who has to put up with this annoyance because she doesn’t want to give up on reforming her friend.
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