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"Zecora walking past a barcode scanner and setting it off."
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O. Hancock
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@Doctor Lost
You know what it’s like to lose a father to homicide and a mother to suicide? You know what it’s like for the cops never to look for your fathers killers? You know what it’s like to grow up with fundamentalist Christian Grandparents stuck in the goddamn 1950s? Ones that hate who you are at your goddamned core? You know what it’s like to have to sleep in places not meant for human habitation? You know what it’s like to have so much goddamned raw talent, but no one to show you the ropes, no direction, no education? You know what it’s like to go from a childhood where your test scores were off the charts and you were called a prodigy and told your life was gonna go somewhere, to ending up barely able to survive?!?!?!?!?!?;?!?!?;!!!???????! NO?!?!?!????? THAN GWT THE FUCK OFF, NOBODY FUCKING ASKED YOU, FAGGOT!
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Comments107 comments posted