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Being her curious self, Kekere swiftly moves to the source of the noise she is hearing.
Stopping at the peak of a small hill, next to a tree, she gasps in sight of the unexpected scene involving Sabe's friend being pinned between a bush and a very annoyed/insulted-looking Black Rhino yelling in her face!

She looks terrified as she squints her eyes shut, trembling in place.

Kekere looks on in disbelief.

Well, this one was a beast to color, but it came out pretty good!

Here I did some unique things with the panels, as in with the tree trunk in the center of the first panel, it divides it naturally into two separate panels while staying in the same scene.
And with the very large panel at the bottom, I basically put the same scene within the scene, but bigger to show Uganda's emotion more clearly. Also to show what Kekere focuses on while simultaneously showing a 3rd person view.

Also the Rhino has claw marks on his butt.
safe1585444 artist:thefriendlyelephant409 oc610521 oc only411954 oc:grumpy the rhino29 oc:kekere46 oc:sabe120 oc:uganda103 antelope252 dik dik49 giant sable antelope139 rhinoceros100 comic:sable story104 acacia tree77 africa162 angry24206 animal in mlp form252 annoyed5097 black rhinoceros29 bush2298 comic102102 cute180096 fluffy12961 gasp873 grass8282 hill725 horns4772 insulted50 pinned484 rock3977 savanna117 scar10548 scared9423 size difference12763 surprised8154 territorial25 traditional art110391 unconscious440 yelling2860


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