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explicit423742 artist:the-butch-x1617 sci-twi29248 twilight sparkle335803 genie1737 equestria girls236886 breasts349606 busty twilight sparkle14762 cum94952 cumming28374 duo124013 eyes closed122914 female1625161 fingering5474 french kiss3267 kissing29298 lamp3402 lesbian109770 loose hair2115 orgasm15739 self ponidox9638 selfcest3050 sex151320 sexy39184 shipping232579 sloppy kissing1702 squirting3141 symmetrical docking1426 twitwi191 twolight1414 vaginal orgasm150 vaginal secretions47456


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Actually when I commissioned this to the butcher X. The genie is Twilight from Equestria. The human is sci twi.
So in reality it is Genie Pony Twilight in her human form. And human Equestria Girls Twilight.

When you touch yourself it is one thing, but when someone touches you it is a much different and exciting feeling. I wonder if Twilight gets a tingly feeling from her other self. 😊