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explicit389272 artist:the-butch-x1560 sci-twi27338 twilight sparkle319993 genie1695 equestria girls222410 breasts315457 busty twilight sparkle13488 cum87611 cumming25698 eyes closed109153 female1501469 fingering5064 french kiss2186 kissing27099 lamp3096 lesbian103794 loose hair1949 self ponidox8976 selfcest2894 sex137378 sexy34337 shipping218314 sloppy kissing1628 squirting2837 symmetrical docking1338 twitwi174 twolight1292 vaginal secretions43735


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Actually when I commissioned this to the butcher X. The genie is Twilight from Equestria. The human is sci twi.
So in reality it is Genie Pony Twilight in her human form. And human Equestria Girls Twilight.

When you touch yourself it is one thing, but when someone touches you it is a much different and exciting feeling. I wonder if Twilight gets a tingly feeling from her other self. 😊