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offscreen stallion is no specific character
explicit392934 artist:evomanaphy897 sunset shimmer69407 unicorn401704 anthro295651 ass60821 bedroom eyes67674 big penis13896 breasts319059 bunset shimmer2117 butt142840 butt grab3101 butt job27 butt squish160 butt touch5408 dark genitals13253 ear fluff38037 eyebrows12205 eyebrows visible through hair6413 eyelashes19581 face down ass up9711 female1516748 flared3518 grabbing875 grope15580 hand10013 hand on butt3353 horsecock80278 hotdogging2198 hug31812 lidded eyes35705 looking at you199260 looking back68062 lying down27140 male427991 male pov8178 mare566466 medial ring8012 missing horn872 no tail1788 nudity423630 offscreen character40277 penis175393 pillow20926 pillow hug492 plot99822 pov15967 rearboob1146 sex138844 sideboob11906 smiling302497 squeezing562 straight151455 the ass was fat16895 thick5074 tongue out119823 urethra2672 wavy mane275


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@Background Pony #842C  
horn is also not there on purpose because it simply looked weird. So I kinda ended up with a mix of the equestria girls style and regular anthro, I liked it this way and my Patreon people didn’t mind as well :3