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Actually no, she's lost most of the confrontations she's been in. She has the courage to face opponents, which is admirable, but she never comes out on top through her own power and either needs help to trick her opponent (trixie), needs to talk her opponent out of dooming the world (Starlight), or needs a Deus ex machina (Tirek).

It's resorting to these other options (other than the machina) that makes her the pony you admire.
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Goth Hippie Nerd Pony
This is truly impressive art and animation. Beautiful.

Also another reason I like Twilight Sparkle.
She is the one that does the most actual fighting vs. the major dangerous villains,
up front and close, in the literal face of danger, and emerging triumphant each time.

She is truly a secret badass.

Everyone talking about Mercy and this beautiful shot and I'm here impressed with this great animation when Twilight moves her wings in different way while landing. Little detail but so satisfying when there's no things like that in the show.