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Sorry I didn't key it out well this time. I've got an assignment to get back to.

Update: Now one of the GIFs used in EqD's 800 million views celebration post!
safe1706979 edit132550 edited screencap65225 editor:squeaky-belle20 screencap222262 apple bloom49524 rarity181886 scootaloo51265 sweetie belle49047 earth pony248942 pegasus292019 pony968114 unicorn323610 it isn't the mane thing about you1165 animated98662 babs seed song50 cutie mark crusaders19032 dancing8359 female1363586 filly66718 frown22898 gif31058 gradient background12637 headbob422 mare480883 milkshake1579 milkshake ponies124 open mouth145932 raribald60 smiling248623 wat19241 wide eyes17049


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Background Pony #65E1
Sweetie Belle: Slowly back away girls… my sisters having one of her "psychotic breaks" again…