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And here as promised the 2nd exclusive from the Plotbook 3! Inspired by the amazing Shino’s Lyra comic. I hope you guys like it.
High res here!
As mentioned in my first post, we’re doing a 2nd print-run for the Plotbook 3, since it sold out and we got a lot of people asking for it over the last few months, so if you’re interested in getting a physical book full of lewd cartoon pony by 6 different artists, including this picture here, go check the re-print out here! If you’d like me to sign it, mention it in the order form. Also if you’re a patreon supporter of mine, mention that as well and I’ll make sure to send you a small bonus item!
explicit392935 artist:ratofdrawn1152 lyra heartstrings31303 pony1224891 unicorn401709 art pack:pony plot book 316 anatomically correct27621 anus110202 blushing224209 butt142850 clitoris31794 crotchboobs23965 detailed vagina481 exhibitionism10473 female1516762 glowing horn23233 hand10013 looking at you199263 looking back68062 looking back at you19999 magic81591 magic hands1048 magical spreading546 mare566480 nipples195013 nudity423631 plot99832 ponut50821 presenting27516 public1679 public nudity3693 rear view15808 solo1195410 solo female197153 spread pussy4288 spreading22814 teats8703 telekinesis31743 urethra2672 vagina51681 vaginal secretions44084 vulva148053


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Background Pony #2360
Oof. Nothing like a mare who’s willing to spread her own horsepuss, and while Lyra seems shy it makes her even more cute. Teats too.
I’d be serving that pussy so fast, first with my mouth, then with my rock-hard dick. Lyra deserves it!
Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

considering how automatic spells have gone so far: come-to-life, want-it-need-it, tank’s flying device, the tantabus, starlight’s hypnosis thing, that might not be such a good idea either…
Background Pony #B5CB
Probably extremely hard to masturbate with magic. The closer you get, the less you can focus, your magic dissipating before you can climax.