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safe1555438 edit114593 editor:theodysseyedits4 apple bloom46182 pear butter2346 sea swirl1384 seafoam1383 starlight glimmer42975 ghost2280 28 pranks later868 hearth's warming eve (episode)545 the perfect pear1321 triple threat845 cart1249 communism716 crying39566 cutie mark39557 dank memes290 filly scouts133 josef stalin105 keep calm and carry on78 laughing6972 lidded eyes24633 meme77911 photoshop3653 plot70439 stalin glimmer405 tears of joy2073 the cmc's cutie marks4387 vulgar19383 why would you post that69 😂55


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Background Pony #7B0B
The edit where Apple Bloom's leaning from the wagon without the others around, and with a new background, was not put together by this editor.