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safe1618427 artist:ladyanidraws492 applejack162851 big macintosh27128 fluttershy203314 pinkie pie207794 princess celestia91293 rainbow dash224330 spike75839 oc629003 alicorn206680 pony885901 comic103485 everyone is an alicorn154 mad scientist228 magic68572 ponified39074 ponified spike272 royal guard7167 science1197 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2292


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Background Pony #8E70
Me: Sees an XK class end of the world scenario in tags

Me: "Hahahahaha- O_O"
The Neutrino

Rarity: Twilight! Why in Equestria am I an-

Spike: H-hey Rarity. Uh, now's not really a good time.

Green mane, purple coat, special talent is messages, seems awfully fidgety around me…
Rarity: Spike is that you?!

Spike: Sort of…

Rarity: Twilight if you're not busy with Spike, let me know.