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Scootaloo was only 13 years old when she found out that her boyfriend had gotten her pregnant. Not taking responsibility for the child, Scootaloo was left alone to deal with the consequences of becoming a young mother.

Now 14, Scootaloo has to deal with the life fate has thrown at her. From taking care of her son, to dating a new coltfriend, to helping stop a wedding invasion, and even being the pillar point of an entire dimension!

No one said the life of a single mother in a magical pony land would be easy.

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safe (1429922)artist:jake heritagu (884)scootaloo (46534)starlight glimmer (38098)oc (525499)oc:lightning blitz (299)pegasus (188263)pony (698698)comic:ask motherly scootaloo (486)baby (7636)baby pony (5384)blue background (3037)cloak (3314)clothes (355928)colt (11235)comic (89632)dialogue (50685)female (760664)hairpin (1110)holding a pony (2181)male (258207)mother and son (2122)motherly scootaloo (447)offspring (28774)older (18546)older scootaloo (1204)parent:rain catcher (281)parents:catcherloo (281)parent:scootaloo (667)simple background (291033)sleeping (19238)smug (4192)smuglight glimmer (239)speech bubble (16688)sweatshirt (484)teleportation (502)waking up (625)


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #5F07
The topic has derailed a bit, but so does the series. We’re not always having slice-of-life episodes about friendship, do we?
But yeah, this is a bit too much.
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TheBrianJ's avatar
Now, isn’t this comic about Scootaloo dealing with being an underage mother or am I thinking of a different comic?

Because this seems…. odd.
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