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safe (1446510)artist:xnightmelody (142)cat (4562)earth pony (154328)pegasus (194164)pony (714224)unicorn (210864)female (775955)glasses (47758)kitagawa yusuke (1)kurusu akira (1)mare (345208)morgana (16)niijima makoto (1)okumura haru (1)one eye closed (20901)persona (442)persona 5 (68)ponified (35234)prone (20732)sakamoto ryuji (1)sakura futaba (2)simple background (295609)sitting (46857)takamaki ann (2)tongue out (77139)transparent background (154028)underhoof (41814)wink (18977)


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belmontzar's avatar
I dunno, Ryuji pegasus having an injured wing fits well with Human Ryuji’s leg injury.
Ren fits best as a pegasus thanks to his over the top acrobatic skill and ability. [Ans his need to be flashy as hell.. ]
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Tickling Pony Bellies
I would’ve made one of the pegasus guys an earth pony, just for more even demographic distribution, but that’s me.
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