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safe1614661 artist:xnightmelody143 cat5727 earth pony215603 pegasus256946 pony882294 unicorn284840 female1285324 glasses56743 kitagawa yusuke1 kurusu akira1 mare439074 morgana29 niijima makoto1 okumura haru1 one eye closed27068 persona507 persona 5140 ponified38972 prone24050 sakamoto ryuji1 sakura futaba2 simple background360795 sitting57451 takamaki ann2 tongue out94914 transparent background186918 underhoof48057 wink22665


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I think all the tribes suit them quite well except Futaba. I definitely can't imagine Futaba ever actually flying. I would give some of them bolder colors though. Ren having a black coat and mane suits him perfectly, and I really like Makoto and Yusuke's color schemes as well, but like maybe giving Futaba a green coat, Haru a pink coat and mane, Ann a red coat, Ryuji a purple coat…something like that.

I dunno, Ryuji pegasus having an injured wing fits well with Human Ryuji's leg injury.
Ren fits best as a pegasus thanks to his over the top acrobatic skill and ability. [Ans his need to be flashy as hell.. ]
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Tickling Pony Bellies
I would've made one of the pegasus guys an earth pony, just for more even demographic distribution, but that's me.