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explicit337924 artist:dimwitdog1680 twilight velvet4111 windy whistles2036 pegasus271989 pony919539 unicorn302347 69 position2607 anus92963 blushing189068 cunnilingus9340 dock47393 female1318564 frog (hoof)11757 human vagina on pony3745 infidelity6226 labia1362 lesbian93893 licking19359 mare456766 milf9136 mother2258 nudity355529 open mouth136543 oral46933 patreon12286 patreon logo8511 plot75754 ponut41625 sex115684 shipping193613 spread wings51773 tongue out98753 underhoof49731 vagina47666 vaginal secretions38488 velvetwhistles42 vulva122247 wings96545


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Narlepoax III
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@Background Pony #3713
Look, I've had this argument several times before, and I'm not getting into it again.

That's what the site calls it, and that's what I'm calling it. You can call it "horse pussy" for all the fucks I give.

The fact is that Windy Whistles has one, and Twilight Velvet does not. That is odd. I wanted to mention that.
Background Pony #CCFF
@Narlepoax III
That in itself doesn't make it anatomically correct. It is a non-human looking pussy, yeah, but it's far from anything that can be considered anatomical.