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safe1749453 artist:magnaluna1041 princess luna100749 alicorn232722 pony1009595 awkward1005 blue background5513 blushing204469 chest fluff41144 colored wings6525 colored wingtips1702 crossed legs3337 cute205580 cute little fangs2195 dialogue67917 ethereal mane8442 eye clipping through hair6396 fangs26646 female1401001 floppy ears54457 forced smile319 grin40852 heart49990 lunabetes3636 mare501723 nervous5875 offscreen character35709 raised hoof48394 simple background408787 smiling260586 solo1093719 starry mane4536 text62147 thought bubble3562 waifu1284 wide eyes17375


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Background Pony #31B6
I think the fandom is more hateful now. Actually, all the world seems to be more hateful recently.

LUNA IS BEST PONY. ALWAYS. NO CELESTIA SUPERIORITY FOR ME. I'm not changing my mind, but I also won't be mad at you. Hopefully I can be cool about others' contrary opinions. Wish me luck.

Offensive. Please ban.
I noted that there seems to be a sudden cascade of disdain for Luna love in the fandom. Just something I've noticed, and a sentiment I've expressed since the beginning.
Did I put it PC enough that time?
Background Pony #CFC0
All of her fans statements are completely true! I'd be just as happy to see Celestia showered with this kind of admiration :3
Background Pony #895F
Poor Lunlun, that expression says it all, she just wants to poof herself elsewhere right now

Do have to agree with the comment on the background, she is so sexy
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Poor Luna. She's about as uninterested in romance as anyone on the show, and she seems so serious all the time. So all the attention she gets from admirers and fans must be super awkward. She's too focused on her role as princess of the night to know how to behave in romantic situations.