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explicit337924 artist:audrarius592 applejack165682 fluttershy207226 human149918 adorasexy9275 appleshy1202 areola16468 arm behind head5927 armpits42310 belly button73960 big areola5637 big breasts77625 blushing189065 bondage32391 bouncing4673 bouncing breasts3637 breasts264844 busty fluttershy16469 commission63079 complete nudity3607 cute192001 evening436 female1318553 from behind12692 futa43978 futa applejack2806 futa on female11135 happy bondage710 humanized97882 indoors2526 intersex41952 long hair3925 looking back54228 motion blur418 motion lines492 nipples158146 nudity355529 open mouth136539 rope11046 rope bondage3747 sex115684 sexy27853 shipping193613 smiling234208 softcore1761 sweat25066 titty flop80 tree30847 window8091


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Background Pony #3C3B
I also have a thing for big ol' areolas! Fluttershy, human or anthro, seems to rock them fairly often.

I know this is porn, but the art is so great that it makes me just want to share it with everyone on social media.

Agreed, I would love to see the action, but this picture is already so beautiful. It might cross the threshold into "too beautiful."
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The only way this could be better is if Fluttershy's legs were spread wide enough to actually see the penetration. Then again, it's probably for the best, since then the picture would be so hot I'd probably nut instantaneously and have to change pants.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

SoulsBorne Veteran
This got my dick harder than anything Sunset related…. and I am not even fan of Flutters that much.