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safe1574182 artist:karimus-galaktion3 grubber715 tempest shadow15358 pony844816 unicorn265739 my little pony: the movie17775 abstract background11836 broken horn12746 bust40635 colored pupils8780 cute177109 duo49296 eye scar4438 featured image785 female898149 grubberbetes23 grubbest15 hug25446 lidded eyes25574 male305126 open mouth122922 scar10423 smiling214656 squishy cheeks2087 tempestbetes2492


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The movie website says:
"Grubber, a pug-faced hedgehog soldier, hails from a tribe of hardened warriors. Unfortunately for Grubber, he lacks the size of his kinsmen."

So, he probably went wherever those guys are.
Background Pony #A760
He probably went to the same place as the Killer Apples from that one IDW arc, as well as everything else we'll never see in the show again.
Background Pony #DF71
@Background Pony #4D6E
Really? This argument is already over. It's been over for nearly two hours now. Plus you must haven't really not been on this site long or else you really wouldn't bitching about an argument this small.

This argument is barely over half a page long.
Background Pony #F395
Just stop it, just stop. Such an adorable and well-done piece of art and look at you despicable bufoons aruging like children in the comments.
Background Pony #DF71
This is really isn't the same as the Starlight VS Sunset arguments. Becuase with those, it's over Starlight replacing Sunset and that the fans love hating on her for that. This is about Tempest being similar and treated similarly to Sunset by the fans. Sunset and Tempest are extremely loved by the fans for very much the same reasons, meanwhile, for Starlight, the argument is more or less reversed.
Background Pony #DF71
Well written really has no holding the argument. You could write two copies of the same character, one well written and one not, and claim them to be different. Yet deep down they are still the same character.

Meanwhile, I'm not pointing out that they are exactly alike. I was pointing out that they are very similar and a lot of fans treat them very much in the same way.
Background Pony #DF71
Becuase apparently she is the new Sunset.

Come on, outcast kind of villain with reforming possibilities by the end of a movie, and has a quickly growing ship with Twilight. Heck, all is missing a random shipping with the next movie's villain