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Awww that’s sad. Both Sucy and Lotte are unicorns and Akko is not…though that does explain why she is having such a hard time at the academy.

I always thought that would make the most sense for a LWA+MLP crossover.
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Background Pony #80D1
Oh man, first off I’m happy that they decided to use Sunburst more for these, also I don’r care how people ship them romantically or platonically. This just confirms my headcanon that Star was always rather clingy around Sunburst as a child and even now, I love this type of teasing. Can one of the Starlight ships be canon eventually please?
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Imagine if at the end of the season 7 finale, when Starlight and Sunburst are about to part ways, they rub noses for a couple of seconds and say nothing about it.
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Needs more Starburst
My reaction to when it finally happens:
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Comments31 comments posted