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Hi guys! Remember the Plotbook 3? I got the OK to release the 2 exclusive pictures I’ve drew for it! So here’s the first one. I hope you guys like it!

High res here!

I’ll post the 2nd one later today or tomorrow, it’s a great Lyra pic, I’m super proud of it, stay tuned!

Also we’re doing a 2nd print-run for the Plotbook 3, since it sold out and we got a lot of people asking for it over the last few months, so if you’re interested in getting a physical book full of lewd cartoon pony by 6 different artists, go check the re-print out here If you’d like me to sign it, mention it in the order form. Also if you’re a patreon supporter of mine, mention that as well and I’ll make sure to send you a small bonus item!
explicit337770 artist:ratofdrawn1113 fluttershy207164 pegasus271786 pony918956 art pack:pony plot book 315 adorasexy9274 anatomically correct22886 anus92915 anus cameltoe924 blushing188963 butt50086 cameltoe8232 clitoris25914 clitoris outline7 clothes441064 cute191912 cute porn6079 dock47361 eyes closed87876 female1318050 flower24355 flower in hair7272 flower in tail130 flutterbutt4815 frog (hoof)11747 lingerie10146 mare456493 nature947 nudity355377 panties48647 plot75711 ponut41592 prone24665 rear view11256 sexy27847 shy3927 shyabetes13013 solo1030522 solo female175306 stupid sexy fluttershy1029 underhoof49714 underwear58754 vulva122202 vulvar winking11236 white underwear3457


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darkstorm mlp
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends
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kind of wish the gate wasn't there so I can you take in every bit of detail including the hind hooves "cause Im obviously a huge hoof fag", but it is a gorgeous image yes

Loved it! The perspective is a little bit odd, she looks giant if you compare her distance to the trees and the fence. Besides that it looks awesome!