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safe (1111042)artist:silfoe (1255)prince blueblood (2854)princess celestia (69063)rarity (126682)alicorn (100720)bedroom eyes (33629)blushing (108553)boop (4253)eyes closed (43163)female (410920)floppy ears (26973)frown (14687)grin (19634)lesbian (60591)levitation (4898)magic (38998)male (126837)mare (169912)monochrome (110145)noseboop (1616)nuzzling (2494)open mouth (62974)pony (402837)rarilestia (127)shipping (121783)shocked (2836)sketch (39976)smiling (114024)stallion (37374)telekinesis (11823)trio (2596)unicorn (96173)wide eyes (10891)

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Yeah, Blueblood… I kinda feel for you on this one. I’d probably have the same expression on my face upon learning a girl I’ve mistreated on our first meeting’s now hooked up with my millenia-old aunt years later
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"Who will Spike get now? Oh, buck it, so many mares want him, I’ll just put down this picture of the planet."
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They started to become worried when his facial expression hadn’t changed after three days.
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