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safe (1128340)artist:racoonsan (255)scootaloo (39955)bass guitar (295)bed (21829)clothes (252014)converse (2739)cute (96517)cutealoo (1510)female (426366)guitar (2900)human (103400)humanized (76872)left handed (28)legs (2138)scootabass (36)shoes (12069)shorts (6588)solo (680520)winged humanization (6511)wings (21610)


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@Background Pony #9E76
Sooooo…. In other words yes?

What do you call a drunk who hangs out with musicians? A bassist.

What do you call a beautiful woman on a bass players arm? A tattoo.

What’s the difference between a bass and a vacuum cleaner? The vacuum has to be plugged in to suck!

The bass tabs for the entire Justice for All album.

Pretty sick right?

And to end, you guys know what I call this?
My baby.
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