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I've recently noticed something, every single Legend of Equestria tend to have an interesting connection to one of the Mane six…

Twilight idolizes Starswirl.

Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity were inspired by Flash Magnus, Rockhoof and Mistmane respectively.

Pinkie Pie seems to have the same belief in leaps of faith as Somnambula…

And Fluttershy seems to take up Meadowbrook's mask later…

The comics actually indicate that they've teamed up before…

That got me thinking, what if it's not a coincidence?

What if the Mane Six are their…. reincarnations?
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I had a friend that believed that reincarnations didn't happen in temporal order, so it was possible for your next reincarnation to exist before you or simultaneously to you.
I'm not saying it makes sense, but it is a possible thing to believe, apparently.
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@Background Pony #09DE
Given what they said in the comics, I theorize that Star Swirl was studying the Elements of Harmony, though he calls them by different names; hope, beauty, bravery, strength, healing, and sorcery. Given Celestia said he never learned the true value of friendship, I suspect he was trying to learn how to use the Elements, but never quite sorted it out, and that he was reasoning that they embodied power, rather than more subtle traits. Just my theory though.