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Here's a nice FlutterBun hotdog for y'all.
Got a bit lazy with the climax, kinda just wanted to see if it'd work…well, it's passable.
Btw I might do the Dash version later…and it should be easily editable so some others could also be done if someone's up for that. ;)

Anyway, enjoy! :)

Sauce files:
explicit337924 artist:anearbyanimal554 artist:htpot283 fluttershy207226 human149918 pegasus271985 pony919522 2 handfuls of dat ass2557 animated95974 anus92963 bed39222 bedroom eyes57063 blushing189065 both cutie marks9962 butt grab2425 dock47393 female1318550 flutterbutt4816 gif29651 grope12371 hand on butt2648 hotdogging1895 human male6504 human male on mare3563 human on pony action10219 human penis11105 interspecies21948 lidded eyes29297 looking at you159487 looking back54228 male356094 male pov7031 mare456756 messy mane7508 nudity355529 offscreen character32490 penis146849 plot75753 pov13433 rear view11266 squishy2453 straight131452


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💪😎🤜 S🔥W🔥A🔥G 🤛😂👍
Her messy mane, blushy cheeks and bedroom eyes, it looks like she's done a lot already! unf~
I can also imagine the cute noises she makes as you rub the dick tip against her ponut and dock…