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explicit337923 artist:tomatocoup331 pharynx961 starlight glimmer47096 trixie65652 changeling44973 pony919526 unicorn302343 to change a changeling739 ambiguous penetration2843 bag4214 bagged51 blushing189065 changeling feeding286 chest fluff36271 cute192001 cute porn6081 diatrixes3027 dubious consent1070 eyes closed87953 fangs23878 female1318553 from behind12692 heart46220 male356093 mare456758 open mouth136540 sack352 sex115684 shipping193613 stallion102326 straight131452 text55877 tongue out98752 trapped788 voyeurism2132


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I would really, really love it if someone was to write this story. I'm not writer enough for it, but it deserves to exist.
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A Prismatic Unicorn
Well, while this isn't something I'd consider 'hot', it's sure as hell well drawn, and the fact that Trixie is underneath Starlight in a normally sexual manner while watching her reactions to pleasure certainly strikes a cord.

I'm… Not even sure why.
Background Pony #8364
Really wishing there was some site-approvable tag for Trixie's position here. Voyeurism according to the tag description doesn't quite fit since Starlight knows she's there, right, even though it basically is voyeur — their lack of knowledge doesn't define the fetish.

You know what, as a long-time exhibitionist/voyeurist, this seems like textbook voyeurism/cuckqueaning to me, but without evidence of Starlight and Trixie being a couple, I'll just add the former.