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Commission for Yoohoo
explicit (282465)artist:ralek (1211)oc (525381)oc:alhazred (82)oc only (364329)oc:yoohoo (3)drink pony (23)food pony (1060)original species (18357)pony (698474)soda pony (79)unicorn (203533)zebra (13456)abdominal bulge (4524)abstract background (9265)ahegao (18377)all the way through (788)anal (22885)anal orgasm (2285)balls (57998)carrying (1771)clothes (355868)creampie (23357)cum (64931)cum everywhere (623)cumming (16142)cum pool (478)cum through (236)erection (8835)excessive cum (2534)gay (22726)horsecock (51534)interspecies (18639)male (258139)nudity (294840)oc x oc (11118)open mouth (104291)penetration (41373)penis (121661)see-through (3847)sex (93921)shipping (164586)size difference (10639)tongue out (75828)transparent flesh (437)yoohoo (7)zebradom (767)zebra on pony action (82)zebra supremacy (428)zoom layer (923)


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<insert memes here>

I don’t know anything about this oc but now my headcannon is that drink ponies "tap" is their dick and he’s on a hair trigger, ready to uhh… dispense at any time.

Constant stimulation will lead to them orgasming continuously until they’re mostly empty, but if you keep "refilling" them like our friend the zebra here…
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Background Pony #119F
I do like how the yoohoo has settled at his hooves, looks like he needs to be shaken
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