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Time to bring your virgins, fellas !
safe (1128332)artist:imalou (345)princess cadance (23105)princess celestia (69827)princess luna (74856)starlight glimmer (23086)trixie (43891)twilight sparkle (211024)alicorn (103915)alicorn amulet (1352)alicornified (2350)cape (4685)clothes (252014)female (426359)floppy ears (27628)foam finger (176)hat (40770)looking at you (78711)mare (179229)pony (415187)race swap (7670)rearing (3150)royal sisters (1772)smiling (117889)spread wings (27376)surprised (4485)trixiecorn (295)trixie's cape (1705)trixie's hat (2144)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (74353)unamused (6967)wingboner (5843)wings (21610)


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Ohh be quiet, Starlight. You’re lucky they didn’t imprison you for all the things you did. You don’t deserve wings anytime soon (even though you’ll probably eventually get them.)
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