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So I did a Just the Cutest for other peeps NG horses, but I never did one for mine, so here it is!
Specifically showing relationships between two of my NG at a time. I got these from just shoutouts from people who attended my streams, so I’d be kinda forced to figure out relationships between my characters~ You know, like a person who actually wants to develop their characters instead of just making more. Like I’m normally guilty of.
Anywho! Here we go

1. Cool Current and Mochi
Okay, so these two I’ve probably showed the most out of my next gen. They’re who I started with before actually going into the random relationships thing. I love them a lot. But this does still address a point and a concept I’m making and changing with these two.
First off, Mochi is now Genderfluid. I already vary up her(their/his) appearance a lot, and when someone recommended a more masculine hairstyle for them, I got the inspiration. Majority of the time, she is more feminine and identifies as being feminine, but this can still fluctuate. CC (Cool Current) still loves them, no matter the gender identifier.
Second is Mochi’s character. I originally designed her as kind of a joke character, and I’ll be updating her profile soon after this, because she’s just not that anymore. She’s developed in an actual being and deserves that recognition. She’s a flawed individual, but she’s more than that too. Why shouldn’t I give her the same thought I give the rest of my cast?

2. Debutante and Melrose
Ah yes, technically Apple cousins. 3rd cousins? i think? i dunno the Apple family seems to be close knit even for more distant cousins, so they’d more than likely be very well aware of each other, especially when their parents are pretty close. Debutante loves her younger cousin. She’s an only child and loves to think of Rosie Posie as the little sister she never had. Mel does not reciprocate this feeling. In fact, she kind of hates her cousin. She takes so easily to all the thing Mel wants to be. She’s beautiful, she’s a rough-and-tumble star, she exemplifies the Apple family name, and her mother simply adores Deb. It’s honestly just jealousy. Deb doesn’t really seem to be able to see the distaste. Or if she does, she really doesn’t care and just wants to love her wittle Wosie Posie.

3. Radiant Hope and Shetani
"Oh come on, Tani. I thought you were supposed to be a villain!"
So, as I’ve mentioned before, Shetani is my villain. One of my villains. Radiant Hope is another. And even Shetani thinks she’s hell incarnate. The difference between them is that Shetani does still have some semblance of a conscious and a sense of empathy. Hope does not. And she taunts. She eggs on. This is fun for her. For Shetani, it’s work. The payout is worth it, and she enjoys that, but it’s still a skill she has to work for, being evil. Nature vs Nurture.

4. Nymph and Hyacinth
Another couple I’ve introduced, but also a fan favorite. Nymph is constantly afraid of interaction due to her appearance, but Hyacinth enjoys her company, and Hyacinth enjoys the garden, so Nymph also enjoys the garden. I wanted to show some little things with Nymph as well, such as her ability to communicate with insects with her mandibles. She’s not sure why, and they probably aren’t either, but Cinthy seems to enjoy it, especially with bumble bees.

5. Berry Tart and Hardcore
Another couple horse cousins~ When first getting to be big, Berry found out her sweet, quiet cousin was also a musician. She didn’t question it and just had to get him to open for her. He was one of the only ponies she was nice to growing up because he was pretty stoic, let her vent, and didn’t seem to care about anyone. He was just a blank slate. It wasn’t until their first rehearsal she found out what kind of musician he was. And was immediately in an emotional disarray.

6. Wayfinder and Paisley
Both jewelry makers in their own right, Wayfinder and Paisley have bonded over the years. Wayfinder finds gems that are immaculate and fashionable, Paisley can point out their balances, effects, and symbolism. The two together help each other sell their products and help each other gain a wider audience. Not to mention they’re kinda hair buddies. Both of them have ridiculous hair. They may have also have had a fling in the past.

7. Knight Shine and Dulcet
While he’s all cool and collected most of the time, Knight Shine does have a violent streak. As he’s gotten older, he’s put that rage into his guard training, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still enjoy the occasional wrestle, especially from his ’cousin’ Dulcet. Dulcet, on the other hand, is less than a fan of these surprise divebombs from his oddly strong cousin. Dulcet may be big, but he’s a pacifist and doesn’t know how to fight. Knight Shine doesn’t team him too much while he’s busy taking him down. Dulcet does have some natural strength and can fend him off for awhile. Honestly, if he tried, he could probably just push Knight off of him. There is a part of him that loves indulging Knight in these little social moments. This is the most open Knight Shine tends to be with ponies that aren’t his sister.

8. Quasar and Dahlia
As mentioned, Quasar has a case of foot-in-mouth disease. This ailment is inflicted on every language he can speak, including Pony Sign Language. As a prince of Equestria, Quasar takes pride in speaking multiple languages, so he can correctly communicate with any of his subjects. Now, if he could only learn how to communicate. Dahlia also has some internal rage in her. She’s shy with other ponies, especially strangers, but she doesn’t just take insults. She can be a bit of a doormat for those who ask her nicely, but as soon she feels someone is just being rude, she’ll stand up for herself and anyone else she can. By flailing her hooves in various signs. This normally scares them off, including Quasar, who is absolutely terrified of an angry Dahlia. You don’t want to know what she’s signing to him.
Quasar really is a sweetheart, he just has some trouble saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. And he does like Dahlia. He likes all the kids of the famous Elements of Harmony. Well, most of them, anyway.

This took me a lot longer than I’m proud of. im so tired. i love my horses but i am so tired but i love drawing but im so tired
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