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I’m doing the Mane 6 in a style that is both mine and the show’s! :D The last one!
safe (1429620)artist:vanillaswirl6 (247)twilight sparkle (260582)alicorn (163658)pony (698392)behaving like a cat (1581)blushing (153846)cheek fluff (3148)chest fluff (25768)colored pupils (7529)cute (148628)ear fluff (17828)female (760392)floppy ears (41336)fluffy (11513)hnnng (2049)mare (335488)part of a set (7112)ponyloaf (219)preening (564)prone (20480)purring (118)scrunchy face (6326)signature (14876)simple background (290927)solo (876231)transparent background (151917)twiabetes (8079)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102141)unshorn fetlocks (18626)wing noms (24)


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