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suggestive129372 artist:atariboy2600217 artist:bluecarnationstudios173 sci-twi21763 spike74349 spike the regular dog2343 sunset shimmer57371 twilight sparkle283342 dog8518 comic:the amazonian effect184 comic:the amazonian effect ii72 equestria girls182462 alternate universe9498 armpits41310 barefoot24912 bed36833 big breasts70846 blanket4758 bra14225 breasts244889 busty sci-twi517 busty sunset shimmer4706 busty twilight sparkle10755 butt scratch39 clothes413429 comic101198 feet35496 female1163262 human paradox66 implied lesbian3075 implied scitwishimmer159 implied shipping4430 implied sunsetsparkle287 implied threesome179 lesbian90521 morning after177 offscreen character30042 panties46187 pov12618 scitwishimmer2041 shipping184098 sunsetsparkle4095 twolight1066 unamused14061 underwear55553 waking up751


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Background Pony #C2AB
Princess Twilight Sparkle: screaming

Flurry Heart: increases the noise “I’M PICKLE RIIIICK!”