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suggestive (112842)artist:atariboy2600 (163)artist:bluecarnationstudios (125)sci-twi (18743)spike (68254)spike the regular dog (2238)sunset shimmer (50536)twilight sparkle (259801)dog (7402)comic:the amazonian effect ii (63)equestria girls (159284)alternate universe (5843)armpits (35463)barefoot (21547)bed (30911)big breasts (56257)blanket (4034)bra (12291)breasts (202939)busty sci-twi (288)busty sunset shimmer (3740)busty twilight sparkle (9127)butt scratch (35)clothes (354762)comic (89277)feet (29473)female (757832)human paradox (64)implied lesbian (2522)implied scitwishimmer (154)implied shipping (3551)implied sunsetsparkle (265)implied threesome (126)lesbian (81649)morning after (133)offscreen character (24062)panties (41475)pov (13072)scitwishimmer (1922)shipping (164056)sunsetsparkle (3973)twolight (920)unamused (11267)underwear (49547)waking up (623)


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Background Pony #D435
Princess Twilight Sparkle: screaming

Flurry Heart: increases the noise “I’M PICKLE RIIIICK!”
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