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Passel 2017 touch-up
Plan on doing updates and changes to all my OC’s, fix some colors here and there and accentuate their body type more.
semi-grimdark (23478)artist:ralek (1209)oc (500602)oc only (352293)oc:passel (92)bow (17830)ethereal (10)fangs (16490)female (708983)hippogriff (6086)ionizing radiation warning symbol (32)large ears (98)leonine tail (5503)looking back (39461)more teeth than the osmond family (16)original species (17396)runny nose (78)sabertooth pony (36)smiling (173122)solo (846097)tail bow (3655)talons (828)transparent flesh (420)underhoof (39622)wings (47558)


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Hey, is it alright if i got bit inspired by the pallet for my warframe? In the game warframe (i just recoloured one of my characters, cause the model would fit a character like this)
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She was kind of designed to fit my style at the time, being very sharp and disjointed. If you look back at some of her first sketches, many lines didn’t meet at all on purpose so the style matched her personality. I’d quite literally swipe the pen across the tablet at high speed inaccurately to get her linework.
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She is a sentient gas cloud, I bet she can morph and change the way she looks hover she wishes depending on the situation, so I wouldn’t really consider this change/difference between various art styles and separate drawings critical. I like all drawings of/with her, more Passel is always great to have, no matter the style! Ralek draws her the best though :)
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Haha, yep! I think the new proportions (sleeker and slightly on the frail side) and style (ear shape, etc) shown here might work for her too! Although I can’t tell for sure which version I like more until I see more art with the new Passel… Hopefully it will be as amazing as ever!
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Although in my personal opinion this is the best picture of Passel up to date. It has a very distinct personality feel to it, playful yet somewhat depraved and obviously dangerous. The style of her body and proportions are also very nice and elegant here… In short, I absolutely love it! Had it as my wallpaper everywhere since it came out and don’t intend to change it unless something better comes out ^^
Amazing work on Passel, Ralek. Please, do keep it up!
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