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Noticing a distinct change in attitude from her friends.
safe1707589 artist:mickeymonster550 applejack170015 fluttershy212790 pinkie pie216316 rainbow dash234070 rarity181961 tom886 twilight sparkle300475 earth pony249207 pegasus292259 pony968739 unicorn323922 pony pov series490 the return of harmony1700 alex warlorn301 angry pie31 chaos1183 cloud30750 cloudy6099 discorded1536 discorded landscape244 fanfic10399 fanfic art14352 female1364203 floppy ears52367 fluttercruel52 greedity135 liar face185 liarjack399 mare481225 meanie pie57 purple sky68 reharmonized ponies266 traitor dash10 unicorn twilight17535


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