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explicit338214 artist:replica1753 oc653730 oc only432171 oc:dusk rhine319 oc:firelander210 oc:lamika214 oc:nolegs244 oc:replica141 oc:summer scorch61 bat pony47191 earth pony230562 pegasus272398 unicorn302897 anthro249570 beach ball1430 belly button74019 bikini17326 blushing189248 boob freckles999 breasts265051 clothes441588 delicious flat chest4989 embarrassed10911 embarrassed nude exposure2210 exhibitionism8317 female1319562 female focus6137 freckles27287 humiliation2079 male356447 mare457255 nipples158309 nudity355820 one-piece swimsuit4238 public nudity3061 rule 6326029 scorchlegs30 shoulder freckles991 solo focus16244 stallion102473 swim trunks92 swimming pool2561 swimsuit27074 vulva122360 wardrobe malfunction4917 young1536


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@Maestro Astro
With dusk Rhine covering no-leg's eyes when summer scorch had her bikini ready to come off when no-legs likely had seen a nude woman before when summer scorch still showed her private parts.

Doesn't exhibitionism imply some level of intent? An accidental exposure wouldn't qualify, though if you go by the exact wording of the definition for the tag here I guess it does, since it only says nudity in public.
Background Pony #1490
Amusing that the strings on both pieces of her swimsuit fail at the same time.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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"sOcIOecOnOMIC thEoRY"
She wears resistant underwear and wraps her chest in bandages.

The uniforms are baggy and flexible.

The uniform is mostly white, with grey and black trims.
The factories she has to maintain are boring, depressing and grey.

Other details and shit can be found via the post that explains her job, etc.
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In case everything else fails, she drops the clothes, causing all the robots to short circuit. Also, I wonder if they had uniform in that size, or did they have to order one with extra wide chest…