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suggestive (109842)artist:kingtoby19 (45)artist:the weaver (1728)discord (25938)fluttershy (179488)princess celestia (81973)the return of harmony (1179)alicorn (156478)alternate scenario (255)aren't you going to ravish me? (23)awkward (782)bedroom eyes (43201)blushing (149537)chest (402)comic (85985)dialogue (47563)draconequus (5701)earth pony (138844)elements of harmony (2171)female (726531)floppy ears (40129)fluttertroll (21)frown (18889)good end (437)hedge maze (29)innuendo (898)kinky (170)male (247310)mare (318478)open mouth (100587)pegasus (178269)pony (664439)redraw (1070)seductive (1195)she wants the d (118)sluttershy (984)smiling (176492)straight (106641)surrender (30)trolling (404)weaver you magnificent bastard (116)wide eyes (13872)


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Background Pony #D804
https://derpibooru.org/1598616?q=discord%2C+fluttershy%2C+show+accurate+porn the real version
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Background Pony #56EF
Original was made by the Weaver on the same day the Return of Harmony episode premiered so it might actually also be the first discoshy picture on this planet ever made.
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