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suggestive129416 artist:kingtoby1946 artist:the weaver1742 discord28950 fluttershy199572 princess celestia90550 alicorn198090 draconequus9272 earth pony203871 pegasus244754 pony856104 the return of harmony1487 alternate scenario311 aren't you going to ravish me?25 awkward921 bedroom eyes52418 blushing178050 chest543 comic102329 dialogue61032 elements of harmony2350 female933084 floppy ears46878 fluttertroll24 frown21828 good end527 hedge maze69 innuendo1295 kinky206 male309953 mare421069 open mouth124950 redraw1510 seductive1693 she wants the d140 sluttershy1049 smiling218454 straight122816 surrender37 trolling438 weaver you magnificent bastard118 wide eyes16285


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Background Pony #4E02 the real version
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Background Pony #B1BE
Original was made by the Weaver on the same day the Return of Harmony episode premiered so it might actually also be the first discoshy picture on this planet ever made.