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honk honk


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Background Pony #2C13
Hey you! I honk your mother last night.
What Dashie hears
Rainbow: What’s wrong with you guy?!
You honk stupid honk! Did you even hear what am I talking about?!
Rainbow: Huh? You want to wash Applejack car? Ok! Im gonna bring you a sponge!
No! honk You honk kidding me!
Rainbow: Ok! I’ll get it! Im gonna bring sponge and soap! Jeez. What are you having problems guy?
honk I don’t want to wash your honk friend who is too a honk car!
Rainbow: Ok! That’s it! Tell me just what you want!
honk You are honk honk.
Rainbow: Ok! So. You wanna help Pinkie with cupcakes?
honk Are you stupid?
Rainbow: No. Seariously. Tell me what are you want beacuse I don’t understand you.
honk honk honk honk
Rainbow: Oooh. I’ll get it. You really mad. So. Uhm. See you tomarrow in the same place! walks away
honk honk honk* honk honk You honk y-you gonna pay for this your honk Rainbow Dash!
Rainbow: Your welcome!
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