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People really don’t understand the energy scales involved in weather.
Some back-of-napkin math:  
Assume a region 1 mile by 1 mile, with a height of 300 feet. That’s 1609m·1609m·91m=235588171m³. (Keep in mind this would only represent a tiny fraction of a large-area storm.)
Assuming an air density of 1.2kg/m, that’s about 283Gg (gigagrams) of air. Let’s have it move at a brisk 50 miles per hour; that’s about 22.4m/s.
Subbing in our values:  
=142GJ (gigajoules)
That’s the energy released by 34 tons of TNT, or three MOABs. (Please do correct any of my math if it’s wrong.)
That’s just the movement of dry air in a 1 square mile zone only a measly 300 feet high. Expand that outward, stack it upward, add water and ice, and it multiplies fast.
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It looked to me like the dragons could have fought more if they wanted to, but just didn’t want to.  
They looked smug at first, probably thinking this would be easy, but after getting zapped they were embarrassed and petulant, letting the ponies go.
Background Pony #FA52
@Darth Sonic
think it could be like the everfree forest. A force that resists even the strongest of pony magic. And the everfree needs a God tree to hold it at bay after all.
I think it is less the writing and more they coulda shown them doing more than horn beams and shit. Like maybe they are generating spells of other kinds and shit.  
Fuck, here is another thing they could have done. Show that windigos live here……..
That could go with something in the comics. The umbrum are good enough of a concept that it could be itnergrated into the show. It could be they are the ghosts of a cruel, lost tribe of ponies, and the windigoes came. That is how the frozen north came to be.
Darth Sonic
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Fair enough. Still, as I said on another image:
@Darth Sonic  
@Beau Skunky
Let’s be honest, if it ever came down to brass tacks, Ponykind would render Dragons extinct. Industrialization on top of a continents worth of resources against Bronze Age cave dwellers living in a wasteland, lump on top of that Unicorn Archmages and top tier Pegasi and the rare Maud level Earth Pony and Dragons are fucked.
Background Pony #319C
I’m not convinced this was Torch. The colors were wrong (green instead of red).
Dirty Bit
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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That's him, officer
With Flash Sentry as Flash Magnum’s descendant.
“A pleasure to meet you, sir.”
“…I really don’t like you.”
Flash hangs his head down, ears folding back

They held off an entire region’s weather for hours, weather that specifically has a will of its own and is immune to pegasus magic (RD was rendered flightless within seconds of trying to fight it). I’d say that’s pretty impressive.
And given what happened in this legend, I doubt dragons would do any better against a blizzard.
Dirty Bit
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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That's him, officer
Okay, this is both funny and excellent headcanon material.
I mean, yes, we saw Torch, but do we know if the other dragon is female or not?