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safe (1489312) artist:limreiart (154) rainbow dash (210289) sunset shimmer (53347) fanfic:long road to friendship (17) equestria girls (168045) ankle boots (20) back to back (244) clothes (377203) duo (42664) fanfic (9830) fanfic art (11994) female (813664) high heels (8541) human coloration (3332) jacket (9503) night (20650) plank (106) shoes (26214)


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That Little Faggot with the Earring and the Makeup
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Entry Of The Chameleons
I've noticed someting wrong with this and limrei's other arts for The Long Road to Friendship: Sunset is wearing the wrong outfit; she's supposed to be in her signature black leather jacket, purple T-shirt, and orange skirt. she doesn't don the light color shirts and leggings until Friendship Games! I'm stupefied now. 😐😟😣🤨

in spite of all that, limrei's arts are beautiful — very well done indeed. 🙂

Wasn't this the bit where Sunset & Dash got into a fist-fight and later truce-d when Gilda & few others showed up to fight instead?
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That's one badass-looking Dash!