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Better quality of >>1489166

Slightly edited from original source to remove top-left MLP logo overlay (well, it's easy to cover it up anyway…)


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Background Pony #833D
How do the CGI backgrounds look to you in this scene?

Everything in this scene except for Spike and dj- pon-3 is in CGI and I was wondering does the CGI look good or bad to you.
Background Pony #833D
How are those shades staying on his face if they don't have temples to keep them on his face?
Artist -

…and because I like dubbing information so much:
CN – Australia and New Zealand, Middle East, Nordic
Boomerang (CN's sister channel) – UK and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, Italy, Middle East, Nordic, Southeast Asia, Thailand
Cartoonito (CN's other sister channel) – Italy, Southeast Asia, Spain
(Some of these are formerly, by the way)

I would love to add more but this gets across the main point.
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Young Leosword
As said, while this aires on DF in America, it aires on CN, Nick, Disney or XD, et cetera, in other contries.