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A piece that started back in January, but then I put it on hold, getting distracted by other stuff. It was also just a bit higher in problem solving than other things. Had to figure out a bunch of the wings, anatomy, foreshortening, etc. At the time I guess I didn’t feel like doing that haha.

But here we are, I randomly just decided I felt like finishing it. Unplanned, but still worth a finish. (I practically finished half of Rainbow Dash already back in January)
Some good anatomy practice, and painting in this style, a bit more historical painterly, is fun to do. Direct in colour, getting a better approach going, all that stuff. Progress right?

Also, hopefully this’d be interesting to have as a print. Those never hurt! (Or well, they do for moving around my ever growing merchandise inventory haha)

I can’t exactly recall some of the details as to why I chose to do this, but the rough lines are definitely Greek (early Roman) influence, historical paintings, and some action-y anthro having them fly to detach from the ground, giving more different pose options.

Technically I do have the very initial stages of a Fluttershy version as well (bare body, no clothes, sketch), because she be pegasi as well, buuut it already took me this long to finish this, not sure if I’d get to her. Who knows, maybe just like why I randomly just finished this, I may randomly start a Fluttershy piece. (Probably a lot more timid, less intimidating look to her hah)

Approx Time: ~19 hours
Photoshop CC

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safe (1458506)artist:assasinmonkey (733)rainbow dash (207073)anthro (205736)pegasus (197906)plantigrade anthro (22940)beautiful (3816)clothes (365964)ear piercing (17472)earring (14784)feet (30262)female (785605)flying (30660)glare (7704)greek mythology (140)jewelry (40980)mare (350970)piercing (29257)sandals (3419)skirt (32253)solo (894311)spear (2005)spread wings (42047)weapon (23630)wings (55850)


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Theophylaktos Kallimykteres

(Previously known as brogor)

Ἵππος Κωνσταντινουπόλεως
The only thing I have to pedantically complain about is the title, "Caelesti Colorum" ("to the Celestial of the Colours"?).


(Maybe the meaning is "Celestial Colors", which in latin is: "Colores Caelestes", or "Colores Caeli".)
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