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suggestive (112915)artist:chapaevv (605)oc (524267)oc only (363407)oc:pepper slice (61)oc:sweet heat (48)anthro (200325)crystal pony (3617)anthro oc (25203)ballgag (5893)bondage (26638)clothes (355057)club (230)collar (24534)commission (40524)femboy (6526)gag (11678)girly (1024)harness (1371)looking at you (120208)looking back (41728)male (257342)nightclub (385)ponytail (13141)solo (874797)solo male (21028)stallion (72762)stripper pole (1356)striptease (90)tack (2841)tailcuff (151)tail holder (335)trap (3847)ych result (11769)


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16 comments posted
Sweet Heat's avatar
Sweet Heat

(Previously known as Pepper slice)

It’S because in this picture, the bondage is designed more artfully and beyond the restriction to speaking, which can be easily removed by one self, there is nothing restricting?
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tuypo1's avatar
I don’t like bondage,but I like this picture… I don’t know how to feel…

It’s not exactly heavy bondage

Actually I just noticed the gag so it’s a little heavier than I thought. Still fairly light though.
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Save State's avatar
Save State

(Previously known as Solorman45)

Smol Pone GF
applejack is cute in a pony tail. I dont really like the long one she has normally, but this one is cute
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