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Darth Sonic
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.

@Background Pony #3712
Like an inverted Fall of Equestria, except with zebras. Pony stallions dominate zebra mares, not because of any evil schemes on the ponies part, but because all zebra mares willingly submit themselves to the super sexy, mega masculine pony stallions. Pony mares aren't affected; it's just zebra mares who can't get enough XXL horsecock.

Equestria makes peaceful contact with the much smaller nation of Zebrica, ponies outnumbering zebras a hundred to one. The native mares are absolutely awestruck by the Equestrian stallions, rumors of their godly physique spreading like wildfire. Not to mention the sheer numbers of the beefy studs. Zebra mares migrate en masse to the testosterone-filled paradise. Zebra males simply can't compete with ponies.

In a desperate act to stop the mass exodus and keep their species pure, the top shamans of the Zebrican government perform a ritual on their entire population that forever prevents ponies and zebras from crossbreeding. The stallion's DNA is simply rejected at impregnation if it's of the wrong species. They hope this will make zebra mares choose to stay with their zebra stallions.

Their plan backfires horribly.

First, it does little to deter zebra mares from ponies. Second, while the stallion's DNA is indeed rejected, it doesn't stop the pregnancy. The foal just becomes a filly clone of her mother. Zebra mares keep on self-breeding with the assistance of pony stallions, generation after generation. Zebra stallions die out and the Zebrican nation dissolves into nothing. Later the uninhabited land is re-colonized by Equestria.

In short, zebras have now become an all-female species, so henceforth, all zebras are implied to be mares. They're symbiotic with, subservient to, and wholly dependent on ponies. Pony stallions to be exact. By their own choice, zebras have become the sluts of Equestria. Even though they are protected by the same laws as all other citizens, they willingly, happily place themselves at the rock bottom of pony society. For pony mares it's still business as usual, though.

A pony colt has a big enough package to satisfy a full grown zebra. A stallion who never exercises and just eats junk food all day still has visible abs and biceps, no fat at all. The average stallion is like a supermodel to zebras. Actual pony supermodels? Just the sight of them flexing can bring a zebra to climax, a whiff of their addictive musk immediately causing a brain-scrambling, lust-drunken heat. A particularly potent stallion might actually want to avoid areas with a lot of zebras, so as to not get covered in mares. Literally.

Zecora here has the heavenly fortune of being the plaything of two such amazing alpha stallions tonight. Happily letting them do absolutely anything they want with her body, all night long. Fucked silly into a giggling, babbling, squirming mess of a mare, to the point she's unable to form coherent sentences, even having trouble with basic motor control. Almost any zebra would do the same, given the chance. Even a lesbian one, the few that exist, would be tempted to make an exception for such a hot pair of studs.

There are zebras who don't wish to worship pony cock all day long, but unless they're fully lesbian or carrying foals it's considered extremely prude to not at least give a blowjob here and there. A stallion having sex with a zebra is seen as no different from him masturbating with a sex toy. That's how most ponies see zebras. In fact, it's how most zebras see themselves. Toys for stallions. A stallion married to a pony mare can rut as many zebras as he likes, but he better not fool around with other ponies. Ponies and zebras do not marry per se, but if the zebra is willing, the stallion can take her home and claim her for his own personal use. It doesn't matter if he is already married to a pony.

All but the smallest of pony settlements are sure to have at least one zebra slut servicing the stallions there. Remote military outposts actually hire zebras to keep their soldiers happy. There are plenty of stallions who have never masturbated even once, willing zebras being so readily available. Even though zebras are so greatly outnumbered by ponies, their insatiable hunger for stallions lets them keep up just fine. Most colts get their first blowjob before they get their cutie mark. More than a few get the two things at the same time.

Paid prostitution is unheard of, since the average zebra is desperate enough for pony cock to do just about any sexual act for free. Still, it's considered common courtesy for a stallion or group of stallions to at least offer the zebra a bite of food, a shower, or somewhere to sleep for the night after fucking her brains out. A few zebras can manage to stay focused enough to get an education, keep a full-time job and own a home. Actually raising a filly instead of sending her to an orphanage. But most zebras quit school when they hit puberty and discover their natural appreciation of pony stallions. They either submit personally to the most attractive stallion they know, lend themselves to a group of stallions, or wander around the country freely in an endless quest for cock.

Zecora belongs to the latter group, and like many of them she doesn't keep any property at all. Not even clothes. She finds the prospect of not having to worry about anything except her next roll in the hay quite liberating. She's particularly slutty even for a zebra, having zero standards. She's never turned down a cock, having no problems serving even a filthy, smelly, half-passed out drunk in the most demeaning ways. Be it quickies or all-nighters, she can please hundreds of stallions in a week.

Aaaand it's half past 2 PM. I swear this site is a time machine.

Here we go!