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safe (1501817) artist:noctilucent-arts (58) princess celestia (86700) twilight sparkle (272154) alicorn (179223) pony (778984) bed (33606) bedroom (7400) duo (43571) female (825924) hug (23939) lesbian (87296) mare (374901) morning ponies (1302) open mouth (112902) shipping (174369) sunrise (934) twilestia (2373) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (108839) wing blanket (188) winghug (2489)


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4 comments posted
Oliver peck

@Background Pony #FF2C
it also supposed to be flowing and waving around no? and there seems pretty steady to me, the specks of dust are supposed to be little particles that floats around usually in rooms,

witch its what i am guessing was the primary intention of the artist here

when i mention illumination i mentioned the one reflected against he characters, and the light reflected on the eyes, we have multiple sources. now moving on
Background Pony #A417
@Oliver peck
This style doesn't require attention you do.
Celestia's dandruff sparkles, has nothing to do with the external illumination, do you even watch the show?
Oliver peck

Normally this style of art requires lots more of attention, and the artist here messed up with where the light source is, apparently we had 3 different sources and on odd places, window behind the characters , ceiling, amd for some reason, on the floor

I know the artist was trying to go for the particles on the light effect, but this ended up looking like snow, there are points where the artist needs to say "enough" adding too many things can turn a beautiful piece into something like this

To me it just had the lights messed up and the particles over done

Other than that, it's a nice piece