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"Granite Rock!" Crosswind squealed upon seeing the green pegasus. She threw her hooves around her and squeezed tightly. "You're back!"

Granite Rock chuckled, patting Crosswind's back. Zephyr Breeze, who had been walking behind her, observed the interaction with a gentle smile on his face. Despite only being half-sisters, Crosswind and Granite loved each other as if they were true siblings. It warmed Zephyr's heart.

Crosswind removed her hooves from Granite's neck and grinned widely at her older sister. "It's been so long since I've seen you!" she exclaimed, bouncing excitedly. "Can we read some Daring Do stories together? Can we color too? And fly around Cloudsdale? And play with Auntie Fluttershy's animals?"

"I've only been at my mom's house for four days, Windy," Granite Rock laughed. "But yeah, we can do all those things, kiddo!"

Crosswind hooted in delight. "This is gonna be the best weekend ever!" She grabbed her sister's hoof and began pulling her towards the Cloudsdale book store. "C'mon! Let's find some cool, new books to read!"

"Alright, alright!" Granite conceded, following the little aqua filly.

"Be home by dinner!" Zephyr Breeze called after them. Granite nodded, and the two sisters ran off. Zephyr chuckled, heading home to his loving wife.


Introducing Granite Rock, the daughter of Zephyr Breeze and Limestone Pie. She was born before Rainbow Dash married Zephyr. Granite Rock is about 8 years old in the image, and Crosswind is 4 years old.

Zephyr Breeze had a brief relationship with Limestone Pie. They mutually broke up because goal differences. However, not long after, Limestone discovered that she was pregnant. Zephyr was shocked and forced to take on the responsibility of being a parent. He wasn't happy with the situation at first, but the moment he held little Granite in his arms, everything changed. He decided that he was going to become the best dad ever, and he takes time off of work to spend time with his daughter during his custody allotment.

Rainbow Dash and Zephyr Breeze ended up bonding through Granite (as she was enrolled in Dash's Junior Flight Camp sessions). Eventually, they got married when Granite Rock was 4 years old and then had Crosswind in the same year. Later on, Stormbolt is born when Crosswind is 5 years old.


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